SMALL BATCH | rhassoul & chia botanical mask

SMALL BATCH | rhassoul & chia botanical mask

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small batch facial mask available through 5.1.18

this clay based mask blends rhassoul clay, organic chia botanical extract, and helichrysum hydrosol into a quick and easy skin-saving formula.

moroccan rhassoul clay | deeply draws out dirt, reduces dryness, and improves skin texture and elasticity.

peruvian chia botanical extract | perfection in skin nourishment. reduces appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles and creates a balanced glow

helichrysum hydrosol | cell regenerative and anti-inflammatory

*wet batch will be made fresh upon order, with a 6 month shelf life. product filled by weight, not volume. when exposed to air, product may begin to dry. mist or slowly add drops of fresh spring water to preferred mask consistency. 

*dry batch will be mixed upon order, with a one year plus shelf life. to mix mask, slowly add your favorite hydrosol and/or fresh spring water and mix to desired consistency.

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