ain't no party... a liz LEMON party, 'cause a liz lemon party IS.  MANDATORY.

let's talk about lemons.   

photo (55).jpg

first, i don't like lemons.  in my oil cabinet, the lemon oil is shoved in the back corner and probably won't be touched again until a soap student wants it.  at home, anything that calls for a lemon is replaced by a lime.  however, limes seemed pretty pricey for my budget grocery shopping this week.  so.  it seems this is to be the week to give my all to falling in love with lemons.

we all kinda know our lemon basics:  they detoxify our body, they clean & disinfect the things we touch, blah blah.  here's a few times i had with them today, with accompanying report cards.

1.  DRINK IT.  again, i commonly replace lemon with lime, so it's been a long while since a lemon detox drink.  my favorite morning shot:  juice from half a lemon (lime!), a teaspoon of honey or raw agave, a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and an ounce or two of hot water.  i try to make this a habit for a few days at least once a month.  

tip:  i like to drink mine in a fancy rocks glass and feel dignified in my pajama pants.  but seriously, anything you can do to make drinking vinegar (and lemons...) bearable, do it.  the energy & benefits (super clear skin) are well worth it once you get past that.


2.  WASH YOUR WINDOWS WITH IT:  a teaspoon per 4 ounces of water.  spray on, wipe off.  verdict:  not too shabby.  you have to work a little more than with a commercial/chemical spray, but if you are thorough, the result is lovely.  mirrors were a little tricker than windows.  


3.  SIMMER LEMON PEELS:  for promises of an aroma-filled house. 

photo (56).jpg

nada.  just a couple of cute lemon skin hearts.  even when i threw the rest of the rind in there, i got nothing.  the essential oil of lemon IS pressed from the rinds, so this seemed logical to me, just didn't produce.  stick to the ol' garbage disposal method to get some lingering scent.  


4.  MAKE A LEMON SUGAR SCRUB:  yay!  this is my jam!  and i went super informal, recipe wise:  maybe half a cup or so of oil (coconut (heat to it's liquid state), olive, almond, anything you got/want), squeeze in some fresh lemon (1/2 a lemon should give you a nice amount), and add sugar to consistency.  stir it up.     

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get rid of the last of these layers of dry cold winter skin.  lemon juice itself is a natural exfoliator, it's high citric acid content contributing to it's ability to help peel.  lemon juice also tones and brightens skin.  

on my side when it comes to that annoying scent?  add a few drops of terra massage oil to your mix.  the olive & jojoba oil will add skin softening properties, in addition to the benefits of the added essential oils.  lavender rosemary was my favorite today.  oils currently available in 5 ml size at our showings at the cleveland flea events, next one is saturday, may 10!